2023 Election Guideline

Voter Information and Election Candidacy Nomination Guidelines

Election Notice

All general membership registration from previous term (CY2021-CY2023) will expire on March 1, 2023. To be eligible to vote or to file a nomination in the 2023 election, please renew your NAG membership by March 1, 2023.

A member who pays his/her membership fee 30 days prior to candidacy nomination due date and be at least 18-year-old at the time of the election are eligible to vote. A voting member is required to show an original, valid Georgia photo identification (ID) issued by state of GA as determined by election commission.

Candidates MUST submit nomination form along with non-refundable fee via NAG website by March 31, 2023 for election candidate consideration.

Election Announcement

Nepalese Association of Georgia (NAG) 

Election Commission 2023


Respected members and friends, Nepalese Association of Georgia (NAG),

On behalf of the Nepalese Association of Georgia, it is my pleasure to share with you all an announcement from NAG’s Election Commission 2023. This notice is for all individuals of Nepali origin, or friend(s) who have interest in Nepal and Nepali culture/language and those who are living in the State of Georgia to be part of NAG Election 2023.

The following election information along with important deadlines is published by the Chief Election Commissioner Mr. Janak Baral and the Election Commissioners Dr. Bishwa Adhikari and Mr. Damu Dongol.

NAG election commission will conduct election of an Executive Board consisting of the following positions and would like to invite nomination for the same.


President (1) $300
Executive VP (1) $250
Vice President (1) $200
General Secretary (1) $100
Joint Secretary (1) $100
Treasurer (1) $100
Executive Members (7) $30

As per the authorization and request of the current NAG Executive Board, the Election Commission will hold a free, fair, impartial election in a healthy environment on the 15 day of April 2023 in Atlanta, GA.

Guidelines from the election commission.

  1. As per by-laws of NAG, to file candidacy, one should become a member of NAG 30 days prior to the candidate nomination date.
  2. For the President position; candidates need to be a NAG executive member for at least two years before filing his/her candidacy.
  3. Candidates can file nomination himself/herself for more than one position at the beginning; however, he/she needs to withdraw from the nominations within the due date and run for only one position. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify from all the positions in the election.
  4. To be eligible to vote, one should acquire membership 30 days prior to the candidate nomination date.
  5. Voting starts at 2:00 PM and ends at 8:00 PM, then the election commission will count the valid votes and the election results will be declared.
  6. Candidates are required to file nomination along with nomination fees (non-refundable) determined by the election commission through NAG website (nepalgeorgia.org).
  7. For voting, one should place either a (check ‘. ‘) or a (cross ‘X’) sign on the box following the name of a particular candidate.
  8. If a vote is casted for more than a stated number of candidates for the same position, only a vote for that position will be considered as invalid vote, the votes casted correctly for the rest of the positions will be valid.
  9. The vote counting will be done in a secured and confidential space where only the members of the election commission will be present.
  10. If needed, some rules and guidelines could be added or modified by the election commission if required. Only this election commission holds the right to make the final decision if any issue/complication arises regarding the election procedure, rules and regulations.
  11. Candidates and their representatives are not allowed for their campaign within the premises of the election area on the ‘Election Day’.
  12. The Election Commission encourages everyone to renew or acquire a new membership of NAG in time to be eligible for election and elect a new effective and dynamic executive board.

Important Election Deadlines

March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) Voter registration due
March 6, 2023 (Monday) Voter list publication
March 11, 2023 (Saturday) Voter list correction due
March 21 – March 31, 2023 (Friday) Candidacy nomination due
April 2, 2023 (Sunday) Candidates meet & greet
April 5, 2023 (Wednesday) Candidacy withdrawal due
April 7, 2023 (Friday) Final candidate list publication
April 15, 2023 (Saturday) Election and vote counting, declare new executive board as a part of the New Year celebration.

Please feel free to contact any of the election commission members if you have any questions or concerns. The official NAG Election commission 2023 email address is nagelection2023@gmail.com. The additional 2023 election guidelines and notices are posted in NAG website at https://nepalgeorgia.org/election2023/

Janak Baral, EC Chair (jrbaral@gmail.com)
Bishwa Adhikari, EC Member (bishwaa@gmail.com)
Damu Dongol, EC Member (damudongol@gmail.com)

I encourage you all to be a part of NAG Election 2023 and represent and best serve our Nepalese American community in Georgia and beyond.

Janak Baral
Chair, NAG Election commission 2023

Candidacy Nomination Form and Fee

  • Interested candidate must pay his or her membership fee by March 1, 2021.
  • Interested candidate MUST submit non-refundable candidacy filing fee between March 21 – March 31, 2023.
  • To officially file your nomination, please select appropriate form Title, fill in all the information, click BUY NOW, review your Shopping Bag and then click on Check out with PayPal.  You will then be prompted to complete payment via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to pay by PayPal, credit & debit cards are accepted).

* A friendly reminder to save all your receipts, credit card statement, PayPal confirmation, NAG website confirmation.


Countdown to Election








Countdown to Registration









Voter Registration List

Voter Registration Signup


Important Election Datelines

March 1, 2023 – Voter Registration due
March 6, 2023 – Voter List Publication
March 11, 2023 – Voter List Correction due
March 21-31, 2023 – Candidacy Nomination
April 2, 2023- Candidates Meet & Greet
April 5, 2023 – Candidacy Withdrawal due
April 7, 2023 – Final Candidacy List
April 15, 2023 – Election / New Year

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