Dear Respected Members of Nepalese Association of Georgia (NAG),

As you have already gotten an email from NAG bylaws committee regarding a call for suggestions/proposals from all the members for possible amendments on NAG’s bylaws, the deadline has been extended until 29th March, 2018. To access NAG’s current bylaws, please visit the our website: Click here to read current By-Laws.

Please send an email of your suggestions/proposals for amendments to bylaws committee at:


Just a summary of this bylaws committee and it’s objectives:


As Nepali New Year 2075 is around the corner, NAG is gearing toward preparation for holding an annual general meeting (AGM). As a dynamic community organization, NAG’s bylaws may need to be amended by its AGM. NAG executive board has formed a bylaws committee. The committee will make recommendations for amendments and NAG members will discuss and vote the proposed amendments in upcoming AGM. In order to facilitate discussions and voting, the bylaws committee would like to collect suggestions/proposals from all members for possible amendments on its bylaws.

Thank you for your cooperation,

NAG Bylaws Commission 2018

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